who can join

1.  You must be a food truck or trailer;  carts, pop ups, carnival trailers or stands are not eligible.

2.  Your business registration address on the KY SOS website must be in Jefferson, Bullitt , Meade, Oldham, Spencer, Trimble, or Shelby counties in KY, or Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott or Washington counties in IN.

why join us

Because membership in Louisville’s professional food truck association tells prospective event hosts that you:

1.  are recognized as a serious professional Food Truck;
2.  have the necessary inspection and Permit from the Health Department;
3.  have demonstrated knowledge and competence in food safety by attending a food handler class, passing an exam and passing regular inspections;
4.  have the required local vending License and Vendor Identification;
5.  are a reputable tax-paying business ;
6.  have liability and vehicle insurance.

what the lfta offers

1.  a resource to book your business where LFTA has exclusive vending rights;
2.  leads to other food truck business that are not exclusive, but in need of food trucks;
3.  listing on our website and social media;
4.  networking with experienced mobile food professionals with decades of experience.  We’ve probably already faced and solved the problems you’re going thru.

ready to apply

The KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department of Public Health governs food service, including mobile units.  There are no shortcuts, and everyone handling food products is required to have an inspection and a Permit.   If you cook on your truck you will need a plumbing inspection and a full kitchen inspection.  You will need to show that you’ve completed an approved food handler’s class.  If you don’t cook on your truck, you are still required to be inspected and obtain a different Permit.  Again, there are no shortcuts.

The Louisville Metro Department of Codes and Regulations, Ordinance LMCO 115.351, governs vending in Louisville and Jefferson County.  Anyone selling food anywhere in the county or at any event whether or not the event promoter has obtained a master vending license, is required to have both a vending permit and vendor identification.  There are no shortcuts.

Send an email and attach the following:

  • A picture of your Local Health Department Permit number. 
  • A picture of your Louisville Metro Vending License number.  
  • General Liability Insurance Certificate, often called a Certificate of Insurance.   You may take a picture of your Declarations Page.  This is not your vehicle insurance.  This is your business liability insurance.
  • Link to your Facebook page.  LFTA communicates almost exclusively through Facebook.
  • Link to your Twitter account if you have one.
  • Link to your Instagram page if you have one.
  • Menu
  • Photo showing truck with Company Name (Logo)

what the lfta asks of you

always be professional;
always comply with the highest standards of food safety;
share leads;
market LFTA along with yourself when booking or trying to book jobs;
pay your membership dues.