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You can't get much more local than the food trucks of the Louisville Food Truck Association.  We're a non-profit Association of independently-owned food trucks in Louisville, KY,  totally committed to bringing the best gourmet food to the streets of da'ville!  As Louisville's largest food truck Association, we can bring a variety of food, unlimited fun, excitement and a cool “urban vibe” to your event or workplace.

You can rest assured that the food trucks of the Louisville Food Truck Association will treat your customers, clients and employees in the same professional manner you treat them.  We want to be your partner.

What's a minimum guarantee?

Offering a 'Minimum Guarantee' helps share the risk with the truck owners for smaller events or events without a history. Guaranteed minimums vary by truck and event, but generally are between $500 - $1,500. Events with guaranteed minimums will receive more interest from the trucks.

A Minimum Guarantee means that if sales fall short of the agreed upon amount, you as the host are responsible to make up the difference. (Agreed amount - event sales = amount you owe.) If event sales reach or exceed the guaranteed minimum, you owe nothing additional.